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Timeline of the Tet Offensive of the Vietnam War

U.S. troops had been in Vietnam for three years before the Tet Offensive, and most of the fighting they had encountered were small skirmishes involving guerilla tactics. Although the U.S. had more aircraft, better weapons, and hundreds of thousands of trained soldiers, they were stuck in a stalemate against the Communist forces in North Vietnam and the guerrilla forces in South Vietnam (known as the Viet Cong). The United States was discovering that traditional warfare tactics did not necessarily work well in the jungle against the guerrilla warfare tactics they were facing. January 21, 1968 In early 1968, General Vo Nguyen Giap, the man in charge of North Vietnams army, believed it was time for the North Vietnamese to make a major surprise attack on South Vietnam. After coordinating with the Viet Cong and moving troops and supplies into position, the Communists made a diversionary attack against the American base at Khe Sanh on January 21, 1968. January 30, 1968 On January 30, 1968, the real Tet Offensive began. Early in the morning, North Vietnamese troops and Viet Cong forces attacked both towns and cities in South Vietnam, breaking the ceasefire that had been called for the Vietnamese holiday of Tet (the lunar new year). The Communists attacked around 100 major cities and towns in South Vietnam. The size and ferocity of the attack surprised both the Americans and the South Vietnamese, but they fought back. The Communists, who had hoped for an uprising from the populous in support of their actions, met heavy resistance instead. In some towns and cities, the Communists were repelled quickly, within hours. In others, it took weeks of fighting. In Saigon, the Communists succeeded in occupying the U.S. embassy, once thought impregnable, for eight hours before they were overtaken by U.S. soldiers. It took about two weeks for U.S. troops and South Vietnamese forces to regain control of Saigon; it took them nearly a month to retake the city of Hue. Conclusion In military terms, the United States was the victor of the Tet Offensive for the Communists did not succeed in maintaining control over any part of South Vietnam. The Communist forces also suffered very heavy losses (an estimated 45,000 killed). However, the Tet Offensive showed another side of the war to Americans, one which they did not like. The coordination, strength, and surprise instigated by the Communists led the U.S. to realize that their foe was much stronger than they had expected. Faced with an unhappy American public and depressing news from his military leaders, President Lyndon B. Johnson decided to end the escalation of U.S. involvement in Vietnam.

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Copyright law protect Essay Example Pdf - Free Essay Example

Sample details Pages: 4 Words: 1135 Downloads: 1 Date added: 2017/06/26 Category Law Essay Type Review Did you like this example? Copyright Law; Software is considered a literary work in the principle act in Ireland covering copyright, the copyright and related rights act, 2000 (1). Software copyright is a form of intellectual property law that exists to protect rights associated with tangible property of people and groups. Copyright therefore cannot exist over ideas alone, (1). Don’t waste time! Our writers will create an original "Copyright law protect Essay Example Pdf" essay for you Create order and protected works must be recorded with an authors consent to have copyright protection. The protected material does not require registration and the rights are only waived explicitly through written notice, but the rights are retained by the person whom the arrangements necessary for the creation of the work are undertaken(1), and includes preparatory design materials . Although the bar is set low over what can be protected, it usually must involve a minimum amount of work and be non-trivial and original (2). So what rights does copyright protect and why does it protect it and why is a law necessary to do this?. Copyright prohibits: Copying protected works for distribution as it infringes the à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“reproduction rightà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  (1). Lending copies of protected works to unlawful users without remuneration to the copyright holder. Renting protected works to unlawful users where the rented software is the essential object of the loan and not incidental. Installing the software on a network to make it available for multiple users unless it is a special network version is prohibited as it infringes the à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“making available rightà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  (1). The moral right of paternity, integrity and false attribution(4) Providing material technical assistance to people who infringe on copyright. Punishment for infringement can be pecuniary or custodial and reflects the seriousness of the infringement from personal hacking to commercial piracy. Since coding, requires the investment of considerable human, technical and financial resources while programs can be copied at a fraction of the cost (3) this offers an uncompetitive advantage to those who would copy products for commercial reasons. The theoretical basis for copyright includes to reward labour as described by Locke, to encourage expression of the will as discussed by Hegel, and for utilitarian and economic efficiency as treated by Bentham (1,5,6). Copyright is not an absolute right but is a fundamental right and in Ireland its possession is in keeping with the principles of social justice espoused in article 43 of the constitution of Ireland (8) and within the European parliament directive (3). Indeed the constitution of the USA in 1787 recognised the authors rights for Limited Times(7) showing the universal recog nition to limit the benefit to the individual for the sake of scientific progress. A utilitarian sense of fairness provides for à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“the greatest happiness of the greatest numberà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚  of people (6) and although an economic analysis will often keep copyrighted works with a few people to benefit greatly sometimes the need for social justice outweighs these reasons. Recently there was a feature of a high profile case in the European courts between the European commission and Microsoft (9), where Microsoft were found to have purposefully kept competing software from inter-operating with their products and this was facilitated by the derivative work restrictions of copyright law. For under a normal economic analysis of law if a party is willing to expend more of their resources in securing the protected rights, all things considered the right should reside with them(5). In the case of Microsoft Vs EU the damage done to the EUs interests by excluding competition an d thereby to maintain full control over its own information was judged to be of greater value than the investment by Microsoft in its development costs and the decision went against them. Presumably in the information age the premium placed on stores of information is very high and proprietary software will not be allowed to block this path. A subsequent European directive clear includes measures to allow interoperability to be achieved even to the point of de-compiling software, provided sufficient measures have not been taken by the original author of the work. By creating protection for works through copyright personal expression of the will is encouraged. This is one of the moral reasons for copyright law and is a feature of Irish copyright laws greater harmonisation with European law such as through the 2009/24/EC European directive. By these moral rights the copyright owner may assert their right to be recognised as the author in so called à ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã…“paternityà ¢Ã¢â€š ¬Ã‚ . Also to prevent protected items from having work derived from them by maintaining the right to integrity (4) and to prevent false attribution for cloned or non supported distributions even where software is redistributed with the authors consent for instance with GPL code disclaimers . This Lawsuit started with a complaint from Novell, Inc. Which is an Americanmultinationalsoftware and services company headquartered inProvo, Utah, over Microsofts licensing practices that happened in 1993, it stated that Microsoft was blocking its competitors out of the market through anti-competitive practices, this complaint focused on the license practices at the time which required royalties from each computer sold by a supplier of Microsofts operating system, with or without the Windows operating system and this led to Microsoft reaching a settlement in 1994. This ended some of its license practices leading to the EU ordering Microsoft to disclose certain information about its server products and release a version ofMicrosoft WindowswithoutWindows Media Player, the European Commission made more focus on the interoperability issue. In March 2004, the largest fine ever handed out by the EU at the time, was given to Microsoft ordering them to payà ¢Ã¢â‚¬Å¡Ã‚ ¬497 million ($794 million or £381 million), in addition to the previous penalties, which included 120 days to divulge the server information and 90 days to produce a version of Windows without Windows Media Player. (1) J. Griffin, J. Ying and A. Nair 2007 Key Facts, Intellectual Property,. Hodder Arnold (2) Office of the Attorney General. (2000). Copyright and related rights act 2000. Retrieved November 24, (3) Eur-Lex. (2009). Directive 2009/24/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council. Official Journal of the European Union. L, 111, page 16 (4) The Irish Patents Office. (2000). Copyright FAQ. Retrieved November 2 4, (5)Ian McLeod, 2007, Legal Theory, Palgrave MacMillan. (6)J.W. Harris, 2004. Legal Philosophies 2nd Ed. OUP. (7) The Constitution of the United States, Article 1, Section 8, Clause 8 (CATO INSTITUTE) (8)Office of the Attorney General (1937) Constitution of Ireland (Article 40), Retrieved November 24. (9) Wikipedia (2014) European Union Microsoft competition case , Retrieved November 24.,_Ltd.,_Ltd.,sslei=aMpvVPTCLtfraujagYAM#q=definition+of+a+software+copyrightrevid=1025785382 https://www.patents

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Persasive Writing Free Essays

What is persuasive writing? What role does persuasive writing play in the criminal justice system? How well does persuasive writing meet the criteria of effective communication within the criminal justice system? Persuasive writing is to tell a story and convenince the reader to agree or believe what you are saying. This plays a huge role in the criminal justice system. Persuasive writing does not necessarily play a big role for law enforcement when writing reports. We will write a custom essay sample on Persasive Writing or any similar topic only for you Order Now Though it does absolutely play a big role when it comes to giving a testimony in a court of law. Law enforcement officers can and need to tell their side of the story in the court room in a persuasive way. Persuasive writing can help law enforcement officials prepare for his or her testimony in a court room by examples and the way they word things. The more that a law enforcement official prepares their testimony of events and any facts in a persuasive manor. This in return will make it harder for the defense attorney to come up with questions to defend their client. When you have a jury present in the court room persuasiveness is a big role, seems how the prosecuting attorney and the defense attorney need to pursue the jury to be on their side. If an officer has not been trained or a prosecutor does not know for sure how to write a persuasive statement for testimony could really hurt their case. It can make the jury think that there is not enough to find the defendant guilty of the crime committed. As for the defense attorney they need to use persuasive counter-arguments to show why the defendant should not be charged with a guilty verdict. Persuasive writing skills for law enforcement are very important not for just proving fault on a defendant in court, but also for investigations and interviews for the media. These skills are also used to get a warrant from a judge to show probably cause on why the warrant is needed. These few reasons alone show how important persuasive writing is in the criminal justice field. How to cite Persasive Writing, Papers

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Role Concept in Health Care-Free-Samples for Students-Myassignment

Questions: 1. Identify and explain which of Beckys needs are not being met. 2. How does the interference with these needs effect Beckys wellbeing? Include a description of any coping techniques you have identified. 3. Is time management an issue in this scenario? If so, what changes could be made by Elaine, Becky and the other staff members? Answers: 1.Beckys Need was not fulfilled According to scenario, Becky has completed the graduation and desired to work in health care department. From graduation days she is quiet and always felt out. So, she always craved to feel better in her work place and she wanted to achieve her goals by becoming best assistant in the medical industry. On her first day of joining she wanted to interact with other colleagues and wanted to be very confident in her work. But things didnt work out this way, she was left alone by other staff and Becky was not able to manage the front desk works which lead to disappointment to the client. Becky wanted to be very confident on the first day of work but after getting scolding from Elaine she was shattered. Elaine, mentor of Becky asked her to manage the back office as she was not able to accomplish the needs of front desk. Future asked her to stay away from clients and just manage the back end work. But Becky aspiration was to be there at front desk and manage face to face interaction with cli ents. Apart from that, since graduation days she wanted to interact with someone and be friendly but she was not accomplished in the new office as well. She wanted to be liked by her colleagues and interact with everyone at the workplace. Still everything happened in the opposite direction, she didnt receive the designation she wanted to work on apart from that she didnt found a good companion in the office she was left alone again. Apart from that she as demotivated for her work which added lack of confidence in her. 2.Effects on Beckys well being As Becky need was not at all fulfilled. She joined the office and entered the cooperate world with a different perceptive, but everything went in the opposite direction. She wanted to work as an expertise in medical industry, and wanted to interact with clients and manage the front desk perfectly. Apart from that she wanted to make friends and interact with everyone so that she doesnt feel left out again like in graduation days. But things didnt go will at the workplace she was alone all over again plus everyone at the workplace laughed at her. After that she lost her confidence level which lead to change in her normal well-being. After office everyday she started drinking to overcome from her pain (National Jewish Health, 2018). As Becky was upset by her work, she didnt get the work she was expecting. She was so demotivated by herself and become so negative from her life. She use to cry all day along after office and was going through difficult phase and was helpless as she was all alone. To overcome she adopted a wrong routine after office everyday while returning home. She stopped at some random liquor shop and restores the wine stock every day. And after reaching home, she sits with a bottle of liquor alone trying to forget about all her worries and pains. Following the same routine everyday somewhere affected her health (Penberthy et. al 2014). To cope up from this pain and overcome the stress of her conscious mind, she started consuming alcohol. As consumption of liquor numbs emotional pain of the person and it helps people to disconnect from themselves (Verplaetse et. al, 2018). It is said that alcohol helps in reducing stress of the body. To constantly handle behavioural changes particular coping activities are used to seek and relate solutions to stressful situations that emerge because of stress (Lu Richardson, 2014). Alcohol acts as a stimulant if taken in smaller quantity otherwise excess consumption can be depressant. 3.Issues of Time Management Time management is one of an issue in Beckys case as she was not able to manage the front desk work and many clients were disappointed which could be loss to the organisation. She was not able to manage the time at the workplace, everything got messed up. She was not able to take high number of telephone calls and also she was not able to schedule the appointments. Apart from that lack of time arrangement created the clutter at the desk leaving all the papers messed up at the table. The situation she created on the first day is the sole reason for such a muddle (James Clear, 2018). To resolve this Elaine being the mentor of Becky should has guided her how things work on the first day. So that after getting proper training of the work Becky would have managed the things pretty well. Support from other colleagues on the first day was also important. This could have attained by initially diving the work of Becky, she should have asked to either take calls or attend clients. And Becky should have stick to the schedule so that deadlines of appointment are not missed. Elaine overcomplicated Beckys work on the very first day which reduced her effectiveness of work. Thus time should be managed perfectly to reduce stress and managing multitasking (Mind Tool, 2018). Becky should have focused on time management as it allows accomplishing the task in shorter time period, which offers more time to complete other tasks. Time management allows lowering the stress and more success in the work. It helps to complete the work in an appropriate manner References James Clear, (2018), Time Management Tips That Actually Work, Retrieved on 13 February from Lu, Y. L., Richardson, H. N. (2014). Alcohol, stress hormones, and the prefrontal cortex: a proposed pathway to the dark side of addiction.Neuroscience,277, 139-151. Mind Tool, (2018), Common Time Management Mistakes, Retrieved on 13 February from National Jewish Health, (2018), Coping Strategies, Retrieved on 13 February from Penberthy, J. K., Gioia, C. J., Konig, A., Martin, A. M., Cockrell, S. A., Meshberg-Cohen, S. (2014). Co-occurring chronic depression and alcohol dependence: A novel treatment approach.Addictive Disorders Their Treatment,13(2), 54-67. Verplaetse, T. L., Moore, K. E., Pittman, B. P., Roberts, W., Oberleitner, L. M., Smith, P. H., ... McKee, S. A. (2018). Intersection of Stress and Gender in Association With Transitions in Past Year DSM-5 Substance Use Disorder Diagnoses in the United States.Chronic Stress,2, 2470547017752637.

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The Web Site for Online Journalism

Table of Contents Introduction Aljazeera BBC ABCNews ESPN Egypt Daily News Conclusion Introduction The Web represents the future of journalism, and mainstream media houses have realised this point. The Web is a relatively cost-effective means of distributing information than the traditional printing press and physical deliveries. This is reporting of news on real-time through the Internet. Therefore, the Web site for online journalism must meet some quality standards of a good Web site.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on The Web Site for Online Journalism specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More This is a short report about four international news Web sites and one local Egyptian news Web site. It looks at the contents and types of news (sport, business, and politics), the accuracy, the design of the Web site. Aljazeera Aljazeera is an international news Web site that presents round-the-clock news to visitors on the si te. The site provides news from various parts of the global like Africa, America, Asia-Pacific, Central and South Asia, Europe, and Middle East. The Web site presents news on current affairs, opinions, business, sports, weather, in-depth analysis, human right issues, and other scheduled programmes. Aljazeera Web site has a great amount of illustration. At least every news item has a graphical presentation because such graphical presentations can have a significant impact of the audience. The Web page has a good colour in the background that makes texts easy to read. Moreover, the background is not crowded. The texts are not too small and crowded, but are evenly distributed within the page to explain the image. The Web site displays latest news in capital letters. Every title in the page has a link. However, the audience must put a mouse on the heading in order to know that the link works, i.e., there is no â€Å"click to read more† sign. However, a click on the title may lead to the main story to take the reader further to ‘sub-stories’, which relate to the main story (this is the case with most of the contents in the in-depth section). The site does not have any dead links, unclear navigation, orphan pages, and unwanted scroll bars.Advertising Looking for report on communications media? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The page graphical presentations are easy to load, are useful to the site, and fit within the screen. This site does not use animations. However, the section marked as ‘IN PICTURES’ has running images through, but they look professional. Generally, the Web site has a good design. The site provides various ways of contacting the organisation. However, it has social media integration (Twitter and Facebook). It also has a mobile version because smart devices and tablets are responsible for the growing Web traffic. The site lacks any security icon. BBC The BBC has been the benchmark for international journalism. From the BBC Web site, the audience can listen, watch, and read news. Moreover, there are also constant updates. The site provides science, sports, documentary, society, blog, and other categories. It has abundant resources for the audience. The news items are current and accurate. The background is clear to allow for readability of the texts. Texts appear in clear blue and light grey colour against a white background. Thus, readers can easily read them. The BBC Web site uses small letters to display latest news from the globe. Texts are organised below the main story. Titles in the page also act as links, which viewers must click in order to read, watch, or listen to a story. The BBC Web site uses a blue colour to differentiate the headline and the caption of the news. All the links are working, and there are no dead or orphan links in the site. Navigation is easy because there are various categories of news e.g., sports, weathe r, business, health, environment, and other areas of interests. All these items fit within the Web page. The site makes extensive use of graphics for main stories. Moreover, it also presents some features in forms of illustration. However, graphic reporting plays a major role in this Web site. There are no animations in this Web site.Advertising We will write a custom report sample on The Web Site for Online Journalism specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More The BBC Web site has a well-integrated graphic design. All texts, snaps, and images fit within the site. Moreover, users do not have to scroll various segments in order to gain access to an item. The BBC Web site has a mobile integration platform, live news, videos, and connected TV among others. There are also social media links. It also has extra links for FAQs. The BBC Web site design has rich contents and meets qualities of an international news standard Web site with multiple l anguages for various viewers. Contact details are readily available. ABCNews ABCNews is a part of the It provides the latest news items alongside video and audio messages. The format is clear and usable for the audience. Moreover, subscribes can get news alerts via their e-mails and mobile gadgets. The contents are real events. The Web site has a clear background that allows text readability. It makes the use of white space in the background. Texts in this Web site are mainly headlines with links to the main news item. The blue and black texts are visible against a white background. The Web site links are working, users can navigate various pages of the site from the sections and headlines provided. The site is easy to scroll because users only use the side bar to scroll the entire content of the page. Moreover, the site has arranged its content into various categories. There are no inactive and dead links in this Web site.Advertising Looking for report on communications media? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The site has maintained its multimedia design. It has graphics, slideshows, audio links, and videos. The site has multiple links, whit space, and multimedia approach to design. It also contains mobile apps and version for mobile devices, as well as social media links. ESPN ESPN provides sports news, history and sports statistics. The site does not rely on extensive use of text on its dark red background. The news items are accurate sports news, suggestions, speculations, and opinions of contributors. It mainly relies on graphic journalism for reporting. It has maintained multimedia features. Moreover, there is a section with auto play (advertisement of mobile apps). The design of the sight ensures that all items are within the Web page. It has social media links and alerts. However, there are no visible security features for visitors. Egypt Daily News This Web site focuses on local news from Egypt, Middle East, and world news. The reporting is accurate in current affairs. The site i s full of texts. In fact, most news items are in text format. The white background allows visitors to read the blue texts. The texts are small and may not be visible to some readers. However, this Web site looks crowded and cluttered with text. It contains more than enough. At the bottom of the site, there is a large white space with no content while the top side is cluttered with advertisements and headings. The links are active and navigation is not difficult for the identified news item. The site uses multimedia elements, but there are no animations and auto play elements. Graphic journalism also plays a critical role in this Web site. This Web site requires improvement because of the cluttered presentation and small font sizes. Moreover, it focuses on several issues. Conclusion The international news Web sites have strived to display professionalism on their sites. The news items are current, accurate, and reflect balanced coverage. They apply graphic reporting or journalism to present news items. There are words, illustration, and snaps. Graphic journalism acts as a backup for the text and audio reporting. All Web sites have active links, which have easy navigation processes because of the sections and titles. Moreover, all these sites have social media links and alerts. Some of these Web sites have strived to remain simple. As a result, they have integrated multimedia applications with caution. For instance, most of them do not have background music, flash, auto-play contents, and extraneous data that can slow down the page. However, some Web sites have cluttered design in terms of graphic and text presentations, and the use of white space. Such sites require professional appeals. In addition, they also lack visible security signs. Customisation of the content in some sites also allows visitors to choose a language of their choice. However, these Web sites aim to achieve usability, aesthetic, and functionality of a professional Web site. This report on The Web Site for Online Journalism was written and submitted by user Taryn P. to help you with your own studies. You are free to use it for research and reference purposes in order to write your own paper; however, you must cite it accordingly. You can donate your paper here.

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Equality is promoted in sikhism Essays

Equality is promoted in sikhism Essays Equality is promoted in sikhism Essay Equality is promoted in sikhism Essay The word Sikh means pupil in the Punjabi linguistic communication. Sikhs are pupils and followings of Guru Nanak ( B. 1469 ) , the laminitis of the Sikh tradition. Guru Nanak was succeeded by nine Gurus or holy instructors. Since 1708, the Sikh Guru has been their spiritual Bible, the Guru Granth Sahib. There are over 20 million Sikhs worldwide, doing Sikhism the 5th largest organized faith in the universe. ( hypertext transfer protocol: // ) This essay will try to measure ways in which equality is promoted, to accomplish this, is critical to overlook at some of the instructions of Sikhism. One of the chief facet of Sikh practical response to equality can be found in the instructions of the Gurus get downing with Nanak, the first Guru, who after he had a powerful mystical experience, in which he received a Godhead naming to convey people to an consciousness of God, said there is no Hindu, there is no Muslim . This brief statement give us a glance of a new get downing procedure towards equality, get downing from understanding unity ( Shackle and Arvind,2005, pg.43. ) . The instructions of the Gurus are non set as philosophical pacts or codifications, but as poesy with a strong devotional prominence, which is designed to be sung or recited. Sikhism does non deduce from any established credo, it does non contend any predating one. Sikh doctrine and faith are enlighten from within the Indian heritage. Far from disassociating it wholly from Hinduism, they have accepted the Hindu pantheon of Supreme beings without any difference. Lakshmi, Durga, Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu are celebrated divinities in the vocals of the gurus. There is no effort to deny their being or deity. The attempt is merely to set them as lesser divinities functioning the supreme Lord. ( KAUR RAIT, 2005, pg.17 ) Sikhism preaches a message of devotedness and recollection of God at all clip, true life, and equality of world. Because of this Sikhism is unfastened to all through the instructions of its 10 Gurus enshrined in the Sikh Holy Book and the life Guru Sri Guru Grand Sahib. The Sikh doctrine and instructions put great accent on the importance of seting others before oneself. where ego exists there is no God. Where God exists there is no ego . ( Guru Nanak ) It promotes a classless society, giving more importance to virtue than wealth. The position of an person should be determined by workss or virtues non by category place. All should be treated as equal irrespective of their material resources. Guru Arjun Dev said, The wisdom of God looks upon all likewise, such as the air current that blows likewise for the common man and the King . ( W.H. McLeod, 1999, pg.32 ) The Sikh construct of equality applies of course to both adult male and adult females and is promoted through the instructions and practises of the Gurus. Sikhism advocates sex equality and agreements adult females an equal topographic point in society. At the emerging of Sikhism the Gurus condemned patterns prevalent in India in the 15th century which undermined adult females, such us the gauze of adult females, sati and female infanticide. Sikhs allowed adult females to remarry, and Guru Nanak condemned the usage to have on the head covering. in India sati and female infanticide were merely lawfully abolished in the 19th century. Sikh Gurus allowed adult females free, unrestrained and equal engagement in the religious every bit good as societal life, in fact they give adult females what should ever been theirs anyhow ; full equality to take part to spiritual services, to be equal spouses in matrimony and household life. If some of the work forces protested that adult females were nescient, the Gurus said allow them show their ignorance. Sikhism is a practical faith and has nowhere ignored facts. It recognises that adult females can talk out of ignorance, but so can adult male. ( Nanak,2006, pg.150. ) The accomplishment of equality is farther demonstrated in the ceremonial usage of the Khalsa a signifier of baptism. New Members, male and female alike are committed to continuing the Rahit ( Sikh codification of moralss and rites ) and assist the community. The importance to Sikhs for equality is besides manifested in the Langar Meal ( Community Kitchen ) is portion of the act of worship and is a really of import facet of Sikh life, it was instituted for a societal issue, as the society was divided into many castes and the difference between Hindus and Muslims. It was made compulsory by Sikh Guru that merely when 1 would sit down at the same degree as the other and eat together that one can fall in the Sangat ( Company of Holy ) .Thus, the cookery, cleansing of dishes and helping of nutrient happens with everybody involved irrespective of their background. All of them sit on the land, as it is consider to be leveled and eat nutrient. These public activity were considered impossible amongst the rule of the category witting Indian society. Where harmonizing to purification system, sharing of nutrient, drink and utensils touched By person from a lower caste was considered as made impure. ( Nesbitt, 2005, pg 32. ) The pattern of Langar repast is still in consequence at Gurudwara ( Sikh topographic point of worship ) . Another given name for langar is Pangat, Sikh households consider it s a privilege to supply the langar and function it to others. ( Mayled, 2002, pg.12 ) On human rights, Gurus rules of equality was a natural thing that came from their religion. God loves us without differentiations of caste, credo, coloring material and sex. Equality implies tolerance of differences, bing in frock, nutrient, usage and so on. For Sikh the province as a critical function to play in the formation of an ideal society. It is ever stressed that whoever roles over the province should ever be a dispensers of justness and equality and must neer exert their authorization despotically. They are responsible to God the Supreme Sovereign, for all their actions. They are merely agent commissioned to regulate in the mode of Plato s ; with justness, kindness, understanding and advance the public assistance of their people. They are to carry on their maps, as a authorization from God. To this last position the Sikh Gurus gave a radical bend by underscoring that whoever regulations is non responsible to God entirely, but to the people as good, for whose good they are set up by God. Therefore if a swayer deviates from the way of justness and responsibility, it is merely to offer opposition to his incorrect making. ( O.P.Ralhan,1997, pg.72 ) The Sikh faith Teachs that life continues after decease in the psyche and non in the physical organic structure. Therefore the last act of giving and assisting others through variety meats contribution is both consistent with and in the spirit of Sikh instructions. ( Benedetti, 2008, pg.57 ) To restart we can decidedly state that from the beginning, Sikhism give adult females equality with work forces non merely in religion`s personal businesss. Both attend services as equal members and behavior services, to work together In fixing and functioning for the communal repast. They portion equal duties in all the societal and cultural activities at the gurdwara. Sikh adult females and work forces take portion on equal footings as president, secretaries, and activities organisers. The Sikh Gurus neer said that adult male and adult females should play precisely the same function in every country of life. They thought that work forces and adult females should esteem and value every bit the different functions that each undertakes. In the Sikh matrimony vows accent is on common fidelity, and this once more brings to our heads in another practical competition the word equality ( Singh,1998, pg.22. ) . In position of all that has been presented so far, to many of us the ideal of equality to which Guru Nanak appealed the people in the 15th century significantly could function as a theoretical account in our ain twenty-four hours an age, and could give a new significance, a new way, a new genuineness to our ain cause of equality chartered merely in recent decennaries in the West. Bibliographies: ENRICO BENEDETTI,2008, Living Donor Organs, McGraw Hill companies USA CHRISTHOPHER SHACKLE and ARVIND PAL SINGH MANDAIR,2005, Teaching of the Sikh Gurus, Published by Routledge,70 Madison Ave, New York. KANWALIJT KAUR SINGH, 1998, Sikhism for today, Oxford University Press, Oxford, England NESBITT E. , 2005, Sikhism A Very Short Introduction. Oxford University Press, Oxford, England NIRMAL NANAK, 2006, pg.150, Sikh doctrine and faith, New down imperativeness group publishing house, Slough, Berkshire, England O.P.RALHAN,1997, The great Gurus of the Sikh, Anmoul publications, New Delhi India. SATWANT KAUR RAIT, 2005, Sikh adult females, Trentham books Limited, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, England. W.H. MCLEOD, 1999, Sikhs and Sikhism, Oxford University imperativeness, New Delhi ) hypertext transfer protocol: // ACCESSED ON 7/04/2010

Wednesday, February 19, 2020

A Guide to Writing Research Papers at Bellevue College Essay

A Guide to Writing Research Papers at Bellevue College - Essay Example A close stance at a fairly large number of assignments that are submitted by students will indicate an element of academic dishonesty. This is attributed to the laziness of the modern student as compared to the 1960’s student who did not rely on Google or Wikipedia as research materials. Perhaps one after reading this statement would perceive it as originating from a polemist and is brushing off shoulders the wrong way. But isn’t this the plain truth? Academic dishonesty is repeatedly exercised in almost every level of education ranging from the elementary level to the graduate school.These assignments contain extreme examples of fabrication, plagiarism, deception among other gross examples of academic dishonesty that portray not the real identity of the student. Because the modern student is subscribed to the school of thought that there is no need to research intensively about a certain topic of study while there are search engines with spiders and crawlers that can t ap into any work, then the results are evident.Different institutions have developed different approaches towards cases of academic dishonesty. In those strict institutions, a student may be expelled out of school for participating in activities that add up to academic dishonesty. This vice has led to the degradation of educational ethics wherein most severe cases; the academic works cannot be referred to due to the lack of reliability and authenticity. This explains the decline in quality of most submitted assignments.